YEL Young Executive Leaders Program

NCSY Campus offers the ultimate leadership program addressing relevant topics for Jewish students at campuses throughout Canada.

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We’d love for you to join!

Those chosen for this program will benefit from:

20 interactive discussions throughout the year taking place weekly
4 individual mentoring sessions in person or via video conferencing (2 per semester)
2 Shabbatons (1 per semester)
Internship and Trip opportunities to Israel, Poland, and the USA
Connecting with fellow leadership quality Jewish students

This program is available to all Jewish university-aged students in Canada. Upon successful graduation from YEL, NCSY and Torah alumni can receive up to $400 cash.The stipend is contingent upon attending all discussions, sessions, and Shabbatons. Certain campuses may offer the stipend to non-NCSY alumni as well. Please contact us for details.

In addition, all participants (not restricted to NCSY and Torah High alumni) are eligible to receive $500 to $1000 in subsidies to attend NCSY Campus partnership trips abroad either in Israel, Poland, and the USA.  Please contact Rabbi Leib Irons at for more information.