NCSY Student Executive Board (SEB)

2019-20 student executive board: President Shoshana Khazanski, Jackson Berkel, Orly Davidov, Katie Farberman, Jordan Frankel, Natalie Heyman, Zale Iankelevic, Nessa Moussadji, Maya Perez, and Josh Serruya. Led by Milka Beker, NCSY Program Coordinator




NCSY Student Executive Board (SEB) is a unique opportunity for Jewish high school students to broaden their leadership capabilities and set themselves up for post-secondary school success. As NCSY’s mission is to connect, inspire and empower Jewish students, being on the NCSY Executive Student Board is a privilege and an opportunity to be a role model.

Leah Friedmann, NCSY Program Coordinator

The student executive board is led by NCSY program coordinator, Leah Friedmann. To find our more about our student executive board, contact Leah at




By joining the NCSY Student Executive Board you will:

  • Expand your Resume
  • Earn Community Service Hours
  • Gain Networking Opportunities
  • Learn Practical Leadership Skills
  • Experience Exclusive Retreats

As a student progresses on the Board, they will have the ability to take on more responsibility and gain necessary skills to thrive as a leader during their post secondary education and beyond. Board members will be held accountable for their work, and their level of commitment will directly correspond to their growth as individuals and leaders.

 Basic Requirements of the NCSY Executive Student Board:

  • Attend biweekly Student Executive Board meetings
  • Active attendance in NCSY programs
  • Take an active and lead role on regional Shabbatons
  • Take an active and lead role on NCSY social events
  • Be a brand ambassador and advocate for all NCSY programs
  • Represent NCSY in a positive light to your peers and their parents
  • Be committed to personal Jewish growth