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Is Summer 2016 on your mind? Not sure what you would like to do? NCSY has many summer programs that could be just what you’re looking for! From affordable trips to Israel to tour or volunteer, to trips to Europe (Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria), to camps and volunteer opportunities right in the U.S.A. NCSY Summer has got it all!

Check out for a complete list of all summer programs, or you can check out a synopsis of some below!

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NCSY & JSU have teamed up this summer to offer TJJ (The Jerusalem Journey) an incredible opportunity for public school teens to explore all of the exciting sites that Israel has to offer.

During the four weeks of the program, you will travel from the Golan Heights to the shores of Eilat and everywhere in between. Swim in the Kineret, visit archeological digs, participate on incredible hikes, experience a magical Shabbat in Tzfat, visit the Kotel (the Western Wall) and float in the Dead Sea. You’ll see history come alive while learning about your Jewish heritage.

Come and see how Jewish society in Israel has evolved from the time of David, Solomon and the Temple to Herzl, Ben-Gurion and the Knesset. Come and experience The Jerusalem Journey this summer!

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TJJ Ambassadors


Ambassadors is the ultimate leadership training program for public school teens.  This extraordinary journey will combine the very best of touring and fun with social action, political advocacy, and high level study.

TJJ has long been synonymous with first rate summers in Israel.  TJJ Ambassadors will benefit from the incomparable TJJ touring experience- from north to south and east to west; the country will come alive in all its beauty and wonder. Participants will also be exposed to leading personalities in the Israeli political scene, and charged with the responsibility of sharing the miracle of modern day Israel with the global community.  TJJ Ambassadors will spend one full week in an intense volunteer project, “giving back” to the people of Israel.  And finally, the Ambassadors will receive a crash course on classical texts and ideas of Judaism, in a traditional “Beit Medrash” environment.

The joint commitment of NCSY & JSU to develop future leaders of the Jewish people allows us to offer this elite and unique program at a heavily subsidized cost. Space is extremely limited, and not every applicant will qualify.

Acceptance will be based on personal character, academic record, leadership experience, letters of recommendation, a written essay, and an interview process

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 TJJ Ambassadors Poland

TJJ Ambassadors Poland is a five-week program that challenges participants to confront Jewish history and develop leadership skills to impact the Jewish future.

• Poland — TJJ AP participants spend a week reflecting on Jewish history and the role of tragedy in the creation of Jewish identity.

• Israel — Participants tour Israel through the lens of Jewish thought, history and leadership. By the conclusion of the program, participants will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to independently implement educational, advocacy and social action programming in their local communities.

TJJ Ambassadors Poland is a life-changing experience designed for NCSYers with a high level of intellectual and emotional maturity, proven leadership ability and strong involvement in NCSY. While preference will be given to previous TJJ and TJJA participants, TJJ AP is also open to qualified applicants who have not previously attended a summer program

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