Fundraising Options

Option 1- Fundraising: Easy as 1-2-3hands


Choose a cause that you are passionate about. Find an organization that operates in Israel and benefits this cause. Get the cause approved by Yosef Kurtz and then you can get started on a fundraiser.

STEP 2image

Set up a donation page on “GoFundMe” or on a similar crowdfunding platform which is designed to raise money. Spread the word to your family and friends and indicate why you have chosen to support this cause. There is no maximum
limit to how much you can raise but the minimum amount in order to qualify for this program is $300.

STEP 3speaker

Write up a short 1 page summary of why you are passionate about this cause and why you have chosen to campaign for this organization. Once you get to Israel or to your camp you will have the opportunity to present this summary to your trip in order to raise awareness and passion for this cause.

Option 2- Support Yad Eliezer

yad eliezer


Yad Eliezer began in 1980 in the kitchen of the Weisel family of Jerusalem. They prepared a food basket for a neighbor who could not feed her children, and were soon delivering monthly food baskets to hungry families. Yad Eliezer has now grown to encompass nineteen primary economic and social service programs that impact tens of thousands of individuals.Yad Eliezer’s mandate is to help families cope with financial difficulties and to empower them to break through the cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency. Thanks to job training and other assistance, many families who were recipients of Yad Eliezer’s food programs are now donors to Yad Eliezer.


NCSY will be running a campaign throughout the winter and spring to collect winter clothing which is either brand new or in excellent condition which can be distributed to needy families in Israel. You, along with your peers, will bring the winter clothing to Israel and make a real impact to the many needy families in Israel who rely on the help of Yad Eliezer.

Option 3- Support our Soldiers


There is a common problem in the IDF of insufficient funds. With such a major defense budget in Israel; very often, the large proportion of the funds go towards projects such as the Iron Dome etc… Sometimes, the most basic of necessities for the soldiers themselves are relegated towards next year’s budget. Of late, private donors have taken to “adopting” a platoon and raising funds in order to supply them with essential gear. While conducting world-class operations, soldiers are often wearing worn-out vests due to the high cost of purchasing the newest and most advanced technology.


The cost for one tactical vest for a soldier is $375 USD or approximately $500 CAD. Your job will be to raise funds for the vest and awareness in the community for this important project. The IDF is the Jewish army which vows to protect the land of Israel and all Jews throughout the world; this small act of generosity can go a long way to ensuring their safety and security in performing this most noble task.