RAMBAM- Rabbi Moshe Ben Maimon



Please learn the following texts from the Rambam.

  1. Letter from the Rambam- Please use the following link which has an English translation of the Rambam’s letter to his dear friend and translator; Rabbi Samuel Ibn Tibbon of Provence. http://www.jewishhistory.org/maimonides-letter-to-a-friend/
  2. Introduction to the Mishna Torah- The following link has selected paragraphs from the Rambam’s Introduction to the Mishna Torah. The source is in both English and Hebrew and it gives tremendous insight as to the thought of the Rambam when designing and writing the Mishna Torah.  http://www.sefaria.org/sheets/22214


Based on the texts which you have been instructed to read please answer the following questions. Each question should be answered in approximately 200-250 words.

  1. Please give a brief biography of the individual which you have chosen to study. Please indicate what they have accomplished and why their work is still relevant today.
  2. Please indicate what this individual has contributed to the land of Israel. How did this individual contribute towards the Halachik establishment of a Jewish homeland. Please take the liberty to be creative but stick within the context of texts which you can find about this character.