A New Year for Torah High

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We kicked off the school year with a bang the week of September 8-11 and saw a record number of new High School students trying out Torah High for the first time!

The Village Shul on Mondays is where the excitement takes place with more than 80 students attending! With our increased number of participants, we have split the grade 11 classes into three groups and the grade twelve students are split into two groups.

For the first time ever we opened a night class at Aish HaTorah in Thornhill location for grade 12 students. It is shaping up to be a success with the incredible teachers who are eager and  engaging the students.

One parent sent us an email regarding her son’s experience, she writes:  “He’s getting a kick out of the course by the way – it’s challenging his mind – I hear about it at home – I think that’s great.”

We are looking forward to the growth and success of this project.