Message from Rabbi Black

Posted on June 5, 2018


The summer is a time for lazy, long warm days when most of us slow down and take it easy. We may go to the cottage, some other remote spot, or just languor in our own backyards.  At NCSY, however, there is no down time. Summer is when we ratchet things up even more. We never let go of our teens or our mission to connect them to their heritage.

This summer, 1,600 NCSYers from across North America will participate in one of 18 NCSY summer program in Israel. They will tour the length and breadth of the land, volunteer for a variety of social agencies, and be mentored by professionals in all areas of industry. They will learn about the history of Israel and about its modern and diverse culture.

Approximately 200 NCSY teens and advisors from Canada will participate in a summer program in Israel, while another 50 NCSYers from across Canada will spend their gap year in Israel learning at a yeshiva, seminary, or university. Our signature trips and programs in Israel create an experience that engender a deep love for Israel.

So, let the heat beat down. No matter what the temperature, NCSY cannot and will not take a break. That is the time to ensure that no one falls through the cracks; when the long days of summer ends, a new cohort of invigorated teens will enter the New Year and the high holidays with a new found pride in their Jewish identity and a deep love of Israel in their hearts.

Wishing all our NCSY families and supporters a wonderful, safe, and joyful summer.