March Break Road Trip in New York City

Posted on May 27, 2018

When you think of the following: “teens” and “March Break,” what comes to mind? Whatever was conjured up, you can probably set that aside, now that NCSY is changing the face of teen engagement with quality, meaningful  programming that is also fun and entertaining, while never losing sight of the importance of “cool.” After the March Break Road Trip to New York City, you can add the words “inspiring”  “wholesome” and “purposeful” to that “teens” and “March Break” list.

The March Break Road Trip to New York City hit the mark with a week chock full of programming that included inspirational learning, visiting iconic New York sites, meeting with community leaders; and other events that brought 29 NCSYers and Torah High students together for an unforgettable week that will create indelible memories for the teens for years to come.

Just click on the boxes below to get a closer look of NCSY’s incredible “March Break Road Trip in New York City.”


NCSY boys learn about Pesach in Yeshiva University


Enjoying the view at Times Square

Here we are on the Brooklyn Bridge



Meeting Ruchie Freier, first Hasidic woman to hold public office in United States history


Meeting Rabbi Hershel Schachter, Rosh yeshiva at Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, Yeshiva University



Let’s Go Raptors

Rolling it out in the Matza Factory