Join the Junior the NCSY Leadership Team

Join our Junior NCSY Leadership Team!

With great power comes great responsibility –Uncle Ben

We all have great power. We are looking for students in Grades 10–12 with the power to inspire the Jewish future!

On a weekly basis there are many students in Grades 6–8 who are looking to be inspired, whether it be from learning parsha or how to improve one’s midos (how a Jew should behave), while also having a load of fun (laser tag, rock climbing, tree top trekking, etc.).

NCSY is looking to create a dream team of high school students to help run weekly learning, monthly social events, and several shabbatons!

What are the requirements?  Just this: You must have a desire to grow in your Judaism. You might choose to learn on a weekly basis, practise more mitzvot, or help others in need.

To join the Junior NCSY Leadership Team, please fill out the application here.

Email Tzvi Tabakman at to get more information.