March 15 Juniors @ the REC Room!

Sunday, March 15
The REC Room
We will meet at 11am at HOJMI and travel together via private bus.
Pick up after will be individual at the REC Room at 1pm.
Cost: $25 CASH - Each child is required to pay for themselves upon arrival to the REC Room. To receive a 15% discount, please bring your student ID.

Drop off: HOJMI at 11am: 1613 92 Ave SW
Pick up: REC Room at 1pm: 1180-901 64 Ave NE

Registration is required!

Please call or email with any questions or concerns - we're looking forward to seeing you there!

Rabbi Moshe and Miriam Carr
(587)664-9613 | (587)664-5613

Registration is now closed.
Please contact for more information.