19th Annual Kishka Klassic Tees Off In Spite of Covid

Savours Gourmet Winning Foursome (l-r)  Larry Ker, Salvy Trojman, William Trojman, and Justin Lesnick


By Miriam Perl

The 19th annual Kishka Klassic was an event that may not have happened. For months, the fundraising team at NCSY Canada debated whether the annual Kishka Klassic could really go ahead, given the Covid pandemic and the global shutdown of everything, including golf courses. Even as the city opened up to business, whether a recreational and non-essential pastime such as golf would be open for business was an uncertain proposition.

After weeks of debate and back and forth, it was decided in June that the Kishka Klassic would go ahead, but many questions remained. Each week, as new regulations came up, the plans shifted: how many golfers could be allowed and what elements had to be scrapped, how would safety protocols be implemented, and what to charge the foursomes so that it was a profitable event.

The final plan took shape. While in the past, the Kishka Klassic attracted approximately 144 golfers, the 19th tournament would proceed with 72 golfers to allow for social distancing. Golfers had to order food in advance, golf carts were outfitted with partitions to separate the players, and there would be no hi fives or hugging when someone sunk a hole in one (or any other time). Each golfer was also provided with a NCSY/Torah High branded mask to wear throughout the day. While the cost to be a part of the event increased substantially, the Kishka Klassic was nevertheless sold out within weeks. Golfers wanted to support NCSY  and Torah High and were itching to get out in the sun and play. What a welcome change after months of isolation and doom and gloom.

While the forecast was not in our favour for the morning of Sept. 2, the sun shined down on the golfers, boding well for an terrific day on the greens. Sponsored by Savours Gourmet, the all-day BBQ served up burgers, hot dogs, and, of course, kishka, keeping our golfers happily fed. The sushi tent, sponsored by Umami Sushi, was a crowd favourite as it always has been in previous years. And a fifty dollar gift card to Savours Gourmet to purchase their own steaks replaced the sit-down dinner of year’s past.

The players of the Savours Gourmet-sponsored foursome, Larry Ker, Salvy Trojman, William Trojman, and Justin Lesnick, took the prize trophy with a score of 58, while the CannaConnect foursome, which included Ari Rosenzweig, Yoseph Adler, Shane Urowitz, and Lee Grossman, won the trophy for second place. The grand prize raffle of a beautiful set of diamond earrings, which was sponsored by Neil Cohen Of Antwerp Diamond Company, went to one very lucky Shmuel Zimmerman.

In spite of the dreaded spectre of Covid, NCSY’s 19th annual Kishka Klassic was an unequivocal success! Here’s looking to next year, with a full roster of golfers happily playing their A game.