NCSY Alumni

Jane Farkas, Director of Alumni Programming

NCSY is proud to offer Alumni Events and Programming as a way for alumni to reconnect with NCSY and with each other. We are pleased to have Jane Farkas serve as our Alumni Programming Coordinator. Jane is eager to connect with all alumni and invites them to participate in the exciting events that are being created for our alumni community.

Jane was born in Russia, and shortly after moved with her family to Israel and then to Thornhill. When Jane turned eighteen, she went on a Birthright trip where she became inspired. When she returned home, she realized that she had fallen in love with Judaism and the Jewish people.

photo western

Jane (second from left) visits alumni at The University of Western Ontario

Jane is an inspirational teacher and role-model to many students. She hosts regular Shabbat meals, runs events at her home, is known for her straightforward thinking, her dedicated passion for her work and impactful one-on-one coaching.

To learn more about alumni programming please contact Jane at: / 416-995-0130.