Judah Fellows of Canada


Emma Atlas, Co-President

Queen's University

Hi! I’m Emma and I am the co-president of NCSY Alumuni for the 2022-2023 year. I am a third year student at Queen’s University where I study Commerce. In my free time, I love to cook, go on walks, listen to podcasts, and... travel to Israel.

My favourite NCSY program is learn & earn and I can’t wait for all the learning sessions this year!

Yael Shteyer, Co-President

University of Western Ontario

Hi! My name is Yael and I am the proud co-president of Judah Fellowships for the 2022-2023 year. I am currently in my third year of studying Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario. A fun fact about me is that I am currently learning a fourth language. I am so excited to take part in JFs this year!!

Rachel Arluck

University of Western Ontario

Hi. My name is Rachel Arluck. I am a first year student at Western University, studying Food and Nutrition. I love getting involved, hanging out with friends, going for walks on campus, music and something people say about me is that I always have a smile on my face!

Marnie Bloom

University of Winnipeg

Hey y’all, I’m Marnie! I’m in my first year of the Integrated Education Program at the University of Winnipeg, majoring in kinesiology and minoring in geography. A fun fact about me is that I can play 5 instruments: trumpet, tuba, euphonium, violin and a bit of piano. My friends are always enthralled by my ability to always start up a conversation with others around me. This is a great feature people like about me. In my spare time you can find me jamming out to some music or calling my friends from half way across the country. I’m super excited to be part of Judah Fellowship and I can’t wait for the year to get started!!!

Eden Cohen

Queen's University

Hi! I’m Eden! I love musical theatre, biology and learning about Judaism! Something interesting about me is that I’m a twin and my older siblings are also twins. I am also always up for a deep conversation!

Jordan Frankel

Queen's University

Hi my name is Jordan Frankel. I’m in my third year studying Computer Engineering at Queen’s University. I like skiing and swimming and I really enjoy getting into a good book or tv series.

Yael Gabay

York University

Hey! My name is Yael Gabay and I am a freshman undergraduate student in Kinesiology and Health Science. I’m honoured to be a Judah Fellow for the 2022-2023 school year and I believe that this is a fantastic opportunity to stay in touch with my Jewish identity.

Mark Levitan

Wilfred Laurier

Hi! My name is Mark and I’m studying in the Double Degree Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University and Computer Science at University of Waterloo program. My interests include, the aforementioned fields of business, computer science, and mathematics, as well as music and spending time with friends and family. Looking forward to being a part of the Judah Fellowship!

Atara Lipetz

McMaster University

Hey, my name’s Atara. I have a super long name for my degree: Arts & Science combined with Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour. I’m studying at McMaster which is fulfilling my dark academia aesthetic dreams. I’ve already sold my soul to Hillel but I’m excited to join Judah Fellows.

Yarin Litner

University of Waterloo

My name is Yarin Litner and I’m from Toronto, Ontario. I am currently studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. In my free time I like playing basketball and spending time with friends. I am looking forward to being a part of the Judah Fellowship!

Sabrina Silverstone

Wilfred Laurier

Hi, My name is Sabrina Silverstone and I'm a third-year business student at Wilfrid Laurier University. I'm originally from Ottawa, Ontario. At school, I'm involved in several clubs such as Real Estate Laurier and Israel on Campus Laurier, which I started. Outside of school, I love to cook, travel, and listen to music. I'm a proud NCSY alum and Judah Fellow, and am so excited to bring NCSY Alumni programs to

the WL campus!

Nicole Steen

University of Guelph

Hi! My name is Nicole Steen and I am studying biomedical engineering at the University of Guelph! I love baking, board games, and travelling! One of my favourite things is learning about different cultures and trying different food from around the world. Some fun facts about me: There are 3 sets of twins in my immediate family, my favourite food is chicken soup, and my favourite show is The Big Bang Theory. I am so excited for this upcoming year of connection and learning with the NCSY family!