Thornhill (North of Steeles Ave.)


Hi! I’m R’Josh Stein and Nina Kagan, and we want to welcome you to the Thornhill Chapter of NCSY! We have the largest community of Jewish youth in the GTA!

We offer incredible programs, great times and lasting memories for Jewish Teens

If you have any questions or would like more details, please contact me or Nina at or


Thornhill Programs


JSU-Jewish Student Union

Do you want to do domething Jewish in your school? Look for signs in your school about the Jewish Student Union and Jewish Culture Club to get involved. From crazy social events to trips to the USA, JSU is the place for you.  Did we mention that there is always pizza!

D.V.R. (Learn ‘n Earn)

Do you want to be able to learn about any Jewish topic with a mentor and get paid to do it?! Join the exclusive DVR program on Wednesday nights from 8-9 pm at the Bayt, 613 Clark Ave W. This is a semestered program and you can apply to do the program for only one semester. The first semester will begin on October 7th and run until winter break. The second semester will start in February and run until May. Please email us if you have any questions. Click here to register.

D.V.R. Plus (Impact)

Have you been a part of DVR already and you want to step it up? Join DVR Plus this year which includes a 30 minute class, a Friday night dinner and a local shabbaton. The program will take place on Wednesday nights from 7:15 to 9:00 PM at the Bayt, 613 Clark Ave. W. Did I mention that you get $250 each semester? Final dates are still being determined, keep watching this space for more information. Click here to register.

Thank you to the Seidenfeld and Rubinstein families for their generous sponsorship of the DVR programs!


If you are contemplating going into business or medicine after high school then this program is for you! Business mentors, Chief Medical Officers, hear stories of success from CEO’s, meet some of the top researchers in Canada and exclusive NYC trips to meet executives in some of the most successful companies in the world. This program has very limited spots so sign up right away so you won’t be disappointed. Please email Yosef Kurtz with any questions at